Since 2008 I have tried to experience the beauty of nature in a special way: my expeditions, my climbs, the weeks spent in tents, are the most important thing, the experience. Over the years I have perfected an absolutely exclusive photographic technique, I have mastered the use of the ultra wide lens falling in love with the very large field of views and that allowed me to capture everything I saw. Today my gallery and my philosophy of landscape does in heart gathers exclusive views between 180 and 360.

In my journey I have learned to make my memories unique, personalizing the photographic experience as much as possible and empowering the viewer to experience my travels through wide and complete views. Photographing everything around me is for me the thing that best tells the story of the moments and nature I love to experience.

In my projects, there is not only a refinement of technique but a constant challenge to communicate to my audience the beauty and uniqueness of the most beautiful places I am fortunate to be able to visit. Each of my panoramas is a narrative, it is an experience, it is a moment of intimate connection with the landscape and wild life. I love photography more than anything else.

Through my photography, I aim to inspire thousands of individuals who may not have the opportunity to travel, encouraging them to be curious and appreciate the wonders of nature. With each image, I hope to ignite a sense of wonder and connection to the world around us, fostering a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Alex Wides - Panoramic Photography | Awards and Honors
Alex Wides Awards and Honors - Alex Wides Panoramic Photography

Awards & Honors


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