algarve - winter seascapes

Explore the Algarve with me, a week of coastal photography in a unique setting, an unforgettable experience of beachcombing and discovering extraordinary locations.


8-15 december 2024

Who the tour is for:


Join my Algarve tour, featuring a lot of hours of daily coastal exploration, capturing stunning seascapes. No special training required, just a passion for photography and a willingness to stroll along the shore to witness the mesmerizing coastal vistas.


This trip is specifically for photographers, we are not tourists and every day we will try to take pictures to get the most out of our images. Of course we will sleep little, but we will bring home incredible memories of the extraordinary images.


We'll be on the cliffs, with the wind and the moonlight, facing the elements without ever giving up. Every sunrise/sunset will be spent on the rugged cliffs, immersing ourselves in the raw beauty of nature. We will enjoy the beauty and the weather.


Faro International Airport
8006-901 Faro, Portogallo

8-15 december 2024


  • Day 1: Introduction and Initial Briefing

Meet at Faro Airport (8006-901 Faro, Portugal) for a group briefing and transfer to the accommodation. Pool resources for essential items like pasta, salt, oil, and bread. Participants will individually purchase supplies for dinners outside the accommodation.
– Faro: The starting point of our photographic journey, a charming port town on the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Day 2: Sunset and Milky Way at Praia do Castelejo

Head to the west coast’s Praia do Castelejo for a packed dinner and individual exploration. Guides will demonstrate capturing human figures and contextualizing the winter Milky Way in extreme panoramas.
– Praia do Castelejo: A beautiful beach in the “Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park” known for black rocks and high waves.
– Sagres: A fascinating destination with breathtaking natural beauty and a rich maritime history.

  • Day 3: Cape St. Vincent Lighthouse

Explore the area around the iconic Cape St. Vincent lighthouse, perfect for sunset and nighttime shots with the tail of the Milky Way.
– Cape St. Vincent: Located at the southwestern tip of Portugal, ideal for sunset and Milky Way photography.

  • Day 4: Sunrise at Ponta da Piedade

Early wake-up for sunrise at Ponta da Piedade, a creatively rich area on the southern coast.
– Ponta da Piedade: A promontory with golden cliffs along the Lagos coastline.
Sunset and Night Photography at Praia do Barranco do Martinho
In the afternoon, head to Praia do Barranco do Martinho for sunset and nighttime Milky Way photography.
– Praia do Barranco do Martinho: Another beach to capture the last sunset lights and Milky Way.

  • Day 5: Blue Hour at Praia de Carvoeiro

Capture the illuminated village on the cliffs at Praia de Carvoeiro during sunset and the blue hour.
– Praia de Carvoeiro: A typical Algarve town with a magical cliffside setting.

  • Day 6: Sunrise at Praia da Marinha

Wake up again in the middle of the night to capture the sunrise at the rugged Praia da Marinha.
– Praia da Marinha: One of Europe’s top 10 cliffs, perfect for morning photography.
Sunset at Albandeira Arch
After lunch, head to Albandeira beach to photograph the ocean-facing rock arch during sunset and nighttime.
– Praia de Albandeira: A renowned Algarve cliff with a natural rock bridge in the sea.

  • Day 7: Final Shots and Return to Faro

Depending on weather conditions, dedicate this day to revisit spots from earlier in the trip for more photographs. Return to Faro in the afternoon for a final dinner and night near the airport.
– Algarve West Coast: More stunning rugged cliffs along the west coast of Algarve.

  • Day 8: Farewell and Airport Transfer

After breakfast, check out and transfer to the airport.

Some views from CLIFFS:

Theory Sessions:

You will learn all the workflow of a professional photographer, from equipment to planning, shooting and editing single shots and panoramas like mine. We’ll have a critical session where we’ll analyze each photographer’s works and study how to improve them.

You can also reserve your editing private lesson HERE


Once you’ve finished the event you’ll receive a video at home where Alex explains all the steps he takes in editing, you’ll learn all the most advanced techniques for better mood-rich and exciting landscape photography
Before After Caves Panorama | Alex Wides Extreme Panoramas

Alex Wides

Your Guide

Since 2008 I’m traveling around the world, looking for inspiration, for new views. It’s very hard to create something unique in the infinite world of photography, there are many talents that emerge every day; that’s why I chose to customize my landscape vision with Extreme Panoramic Photography, I capture the world all around me, with fields of view like 180, 270 and 360 degrees. By the way, I constantly study new shooting and editing techniques. Today I bring photography enthusiasts with me on my photographic tours, in my workshops, and on my extreme adventures.
Dolomites Landscape Workshop - Phototour in Italy | Alex Wides


Total price with 7 nights in the apartment (shared twin room with common bathroom) is 3480€


This experience is designed for those who have a passion for capturing the beauty of the seascape. If you love exploring coastal views and are eager for the best spots without the need for hiking trails, then this is the ideal journey for you. While it won’t involve strenuous walking, it promises a bit of challenge, so pack your essentials and join me in discovering the breathtaking beauty of the Algarve seascape.

All apartments are included in the price, meals are not included. We will make stops at local restaurants and markets to enjoy meals and shop for some Portuguese specialties together. 

We’ll stay all 7 nights in a single apartment with shared bathrooms and shared double rooms. The accommodation will be strategically located near the shooting spots. Breakfast will be provided either before or after sunrise, depending on the season.

Any photographic journey is definitely not a holiday, it will be quite tiring; our trails on the cliffs will not be very stressful actually, however, some physical fitness is required to face each walk with serenity…

Nothing special, each photographer will have to bring his or her own camera equipment which is recommended to be very light, clothing is classic for winter in a hot country, so several T-shirts to a windproof jacket for the night with shell and long and short pants.

No particular level of experience is required, however a minimum of practice with the camera is required, Alex remains available to photographers should there be any need

The transfers and nights in the apartment, Alex’s know how and guiding, and the car/vans driven by Alex (gasoline included)

Flights, meals, extras, and anything not expressly mentioned in “What’s included in the fee?”.