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You can book private lessons with Alex to learn his unique method perfected over the years, lessons will take place on the zoom platform, Alex will set up a course of instruction based on your needs, together you will look at the aspects of landscape photography you want to learn more about and focus on the technique of extreme landscape panoramic photography. Each lesson at a minimum duration of two hours, Alex will show you all the stages of the work that leads to an outstanding result for your photographs by dividing the topics in this way: PLANNING – SHOOTING – EDITING

Lessons can be in ENG or ITA

Editing Lessons | Alex Wides Landscape Panoramic Photography


In the planning classes you will address a very very important topic, preparation for landscape photography and specifically panoramic landscape photography. This aspect is fundamental to the success of your images, Alex will set to a class dedicated to this where together you will address the key topic of how to best plan your extreme panoramic landscape photography, starting with the location, then reasoning about the logistical phase and finally choosing the best season and weather

Lessons can be in ENG or ITA


After seeing all the planning and shooting techniques Alex will show you his work flow for the digital editing, teaching you all the best techniques to get the most out of your images. We will break the work down into different topics, starting with the general image light and local contrasts applying the radial filters, graduated filters and dodge and burn

Lessons can be in ENG or ITA

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Then after looking at contrasts and lighting we will work on color by creating a series of layers in Photoshop that will give you a boost to your photos making them much more appealing and emotionally impactful. Alex will explain you the color theory and you will take an in-depth look at what tints work best on fine art landscape photography

Before After Air Jordan Desert Panoramas | Alex Wides Panoramic Photography

When you have mastered contrast and color Alex will explain the perspective distortions and shape alterations that he applies on his photographs, showing you each step dedicated to distortion, this will make your photographs very dynamic and rich in three-dimensionality, thus creating effective photos that are true to the amazing beauty of the nature around you while shooting.

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To conclude the editing process you will know everything about finalization, with the application of shining effects, soft and hard lighting techniques, going on to apply the final sharpening and saving the images with specific settings for print or the web

Lessons can be in ENG or ITA


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