This is a wild experience where we hike mountains, fish for fresh catch, and cook it over the fire, it’s not just a mundane photography workshop.

6-13 OCTOBER 2024

Who the tour is for:


All hiking and walking enthusiasts, the tour includes an average of 3-4 hours a day of hiking through the fjords, you will face several hundred meters of altitude difference daily with all the supplies to eat, sleep and photograph. No physical training is required, but certainly good health and a predisposition to the long uphill walk.


Obviously to be willing to walk a lot to reach the summits at night and wait for sunrise, you have to be very determined and passionate about photography. Every move we make will be aimed at getting good shots and we will always look for the best conditions for sunrise and sunset.


Most of the nights will be in tents, you will cook with campfires and sleep in the tent under the rain, it is essential a spirit of adaptation and adventure, we will have a night in the middle of the tour in hotel where we can rest and wash. for 4 nights we will be in the middle of nature.


Next Tour: 6-13 OCTOBER 2024

Harstad/Narvik lufthavn, 8536 Evenes, Norvegia


Day 1:

Meeting on August 1 with the participants at EVENES Airport (EVE), we will stay in a guest house near to the airport to spend the first night and ensure everyone a comfortable arrival.

Day 2:

We will begin our adventures in the classic spot of Senja: the Segla Mountain, one of the most scenic fjords in the world that we will photograph at sunset and sunrise. [3.7km round hike, 520 meters altitude gain, 1:30h to the base camp, 1:30h to the shooting spot].

Day 3:

We will move in the direction of Grytetippen, we will start the route to the Keipen peak, the highest view of Senja with its 862 meters. It will be the most challenging ascent we will face, with a stretch of gravel and large rocks to climb (not dangerous, it is a demanding path that does not require climbing equipment) [6.8km round hike, 820 meters altitude gain, 2:30h to the base camp, 2:00h to the shooting spot].

Day 4:

We will move to the most sensational hotel on the island so we can rest, hydrate and eat in relax. It will be a good time to dedicate ourselves to theory, the guides will show their editing flow and we will analyze the participants’ shots to discuss where and how to improve. We will spend the night at the hotel and after breakfast, we will leave rested for the fjords.

Day 5:

Leaving the hotel we will move southwards, heading for the Husfjellet peak, along a scenic trail of incredible lakes. Once we reach the summit we will have a classic view of the fjords that lends itself for sunset and sunrise the next day. [7.6km round hike, 630m altitude gain, 1:40h to base camp, 1:15h to the shooting point].

Day 6:

Last fjord of our adventure, the beautiful beach of Ersfjord, near to the most famous location in Senja: Tungeneset. We will sleep in tent to the beach and set up a bonfire looking for some Northern Lights

Day 7:

We will return to the airport of Evenes (EVE), where we will stay the last night and then say goodbye on the morning of August 8.

Some views from summits:

Theory Sessions:

You will learn all the workflow of a professional photographer, from equipment to planning, shooting and editing single shots and panoramas like mine. We’ll have a critical session where we’ll analyze each photographer’s works and study how to improve them.


Once you’ve finished the event you’ll receive a video at home where Alex explains all the steps he takes in editing, you’ll learn all the most advanced techniques for better mood-rich and exciting landscape photography
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Alex Wides

Your Guide

Since 2008 I’m traveling around the world, looking for inspiration, for new views. It’s very hard to create something unique in the infinite world of photography, there are many talents that emerge every day; that’s why I chose to customize my landscape vision with Extreme Panoramic Photography, I capture the world all around me, with fields of view like 180, 270 and 360 degrees. By the way, I constantly study new shooting and editing techniques. Today I bring photography enthusiasts with me on my photographic tours, in my workshops, and on my extreme adventures.
Dolomites Landscape Workshop - Phototour in Italy | Alex Wides


Total price for this experience is 2450€ (MAX 5 people)


– All logistics, guide on the mountains, time management and spot selection based on weather conditions
– All the transfers with the van driven by the Alex (gasoline included)
– 3 nights in the hotel with breakfast, one in the best Hotel on the Fjords in Norway
– Double tent for each couple (single tent has supplement for €100.00)


This is a photo hike, non only for panoramic photos, is medium demanding (no training is required, but it is good to be in good health and put in estimate several hours of walking with over 15kg on your backpack). The group will move on paths and for 4 nights of 7 will stay in tents. The Tour leader, Alex, will guide the group and will be available for further information about photography or hiking.

Each meal (except breakfast in the accommodations) is at the participant’s expense. The guide will bring the equipment to set up the camp kitchen: cooker, pots, ladle, etc. During the stops in the gas station each participant will buy his own “menu” both for dinner and breakfast. With a common cash, which we will set up on the first day, we will buy common goods such as boiling water, salt, oil, sugar, etc. … which we will divide into backpacks during the hikes (each will bring water for himself).

We will have the first night in a guest house near the airport, then two nights in a tent, one more night in a beautiful hotel, another two nights in a tent and then the last night in the guest house to prepare ourselves for departure back. So there are 4 nights in a tent, broken by a night in a hotel to rest, to be able to hydrate and to eat in relax.
It will not be a holiday, it will be an hiking tour, with the enrichment that gives something like this, but with all the consequences of the case: we will walk most of our stay with a backpack on our shoulders (we are talking about over 15kg of weight), food and camping equipment, it is inevitable to get tired in this context, but the thrill of seeing these wonders from above will do justice to the effort made.

Like a normal autumn Camping: Trekking clothing, light for walking during the day and thermal/breathable for the nights and rain showers. Then gore-tex boots, a large backpack comfortable for walking (ideal 70lt). Definitely a good sleeping bag (check the temperature comfort, the ideal is to have it around 5 celsius degrees) and an insulating mattress to sleep comfortable (for a few euros online). For overnight stays outdoors will be provided a double tent (for two people) by the staff, and is included in the price of the trip. (supplement for single tent €100,00)

Simply be healthy, we are all passionate about photography.

The transfers and nights in the hotel, 2 breakfast, then the three nights in hotel, the vans driven by the tourleader (gasoline included) and a double tent for each couple (single tent has supplement for €100.00)

Flights, meals, extras, and anything not expressly mentioned in “What’s included in the fee?”.