An incredible spiritual experience in contact with the silence of the Desert, under the most beautiful starry sky in the world

6 APRIL 2024

Who the tour is for:


This photo tour is dedicated to all those who are madly in love with the dark. There are some photographers who are a little crazier, they are those who love to spend the night outside, without thinking about the cold, without thinking about sleep, just admiring the wonder of the night sky.


This trip is specifically for photographers, we are not tourists and every day we will try to take pictures to get the most out of our images. Of course we will sleep little, but we will bring home incredible memories of the extraordinary images.


We will spend three of our nights in an island tented camp in the middle of the desert with no mobile phones and no electricity this means that the experience will be authentic and intimate with no technological comforts. This experience is specifically for those who enjoy wild camping without compromises


Tunis – Cartage Airport
1080 Tunis Cedex

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Day 1:

We will meet at Tunis airport and use this day to wait for all the arrivals and relax before leaving the next day for Tozeur. It will be a long journey, so it will be important to leave rested, ready to start this adventure to the full. We will get to know each other better and introduce you to this photographic journey.

Day 2:

Chott el-Jerid is a huge salt lake located in the south-west of Tunisia. It is a depression between the oases of Tozeur and Nefta on one side and between Kébili and Douz on the edge of the Sahara Desert on the other.

Day 3:

The desert of Mos Espa is known because of the set of the film Star Wars, which was filmed in those very dunes. The near absence of light pollution makes this place optimal for night photography.


Camp Mars is located within the Djebil Nature Park, in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Here you will have the good fortune to experience sleeping in a tented camp together with the grub and enjoy some relaxation away from mobile phones and electricity.

Day 7:

We will head back north to the capital Tunis. During the long journey, we will be able to discuss and talk about photography and the emotions we experienced during this unique experience. We will spend the last night here, immersing ourselves in the cultural atmosphere of this incredible city, eating a delicious dinner together for the last evening.

Day 8:

End of the event. We will take you all back to the airport ready to return to our countries

Some views of our tour:

Theory Sessions:

You will learn all the workflow of a professional photographer, from equipment to planning, shooting and editing single shots and panoramas like mine. We’ll have a critical session where we’ll analyze each photographer’s works and study how to improve them.
Once you’ve finished the event you’ll receive a video at home where Alex explains all the steps he takes in editing, you’ll learn all the most advanced techniques for better mood-rich and exciting landscape photography

Alex Wides

Your Guide

Since 2008 I’m traveling around the world, looking for inspiration, for new views. It’s very hard to create something unique in the infinite world of photography, there are many talents that emerge every day; that’s why I chose to customize my landscape vision with Extreme Panoramic Photography, I capture the world all around me, with fields of view like 180, 270 and 360 degrees. By the way, I constantly study new shooting and editing techniques. Today I bring photography enthusiasts with me on my photographic tours, in my workshops, and on my extreme adventures.


This experience is specifically for anyone who enjoys photographing the night landscape. If you are already a stargazer and are looking for the best darkness, then this is the perfect trip for you. It won’t be a strenuous experience in terms of walking but it will be in terms of sleeping, so pack a big pot of coffee and let’s set off in search of the night

Food is included in the package, we will have breakfast lunch and dinner, any extra meals will be paid for by the photographer, alcoholic drinks will not be on the menu. Lunches and dinners will be typical of the place, in the desert we will be able to taste dromedary and typical bread baked under the sand. (for any intolerance or allergy please advise the organisation)

We will spend the first night and the last night of the trip at the hotel near the airport, this is to facilitate the arrival of all participants and to ensure that if there are any delays there will be no problems with departure. We will then spend one night near the salt lake and then go to spend our best three nights in the desert.

Any photographic journey is definitely not a holiday, it will be quite tiring from the point of view of sleep, we will only get plenty of sleep when we are close to the city, on the other nights we will try to rest in the morning

Specific equipment is certainly required, each photographer must have their own camera and lenses this is because each photographer will have to be autonomous during the night, the organisation will show the use of the astro tracker in case a photographer decides to take it with them.

No particular level of experience is required, however a minimum of practice with the camera during the night is required, Alex remains available to photographers should there be any need

The transfers and nights in the hotel and to our basecamp (main food included), the car/vans driven by our guides (gasoline included)

Flights, extra meals, extras, and anything not expressly mentioned in “What’s included in the fee?”.